About Akaada

Sophisticated, timeless, and authentic, Akaada is reinventing new horizons in the fashion world. Akaada’s minimalistic yet bold, comfortable yet stylish, and authentic yet timeless designs are created for the modern, independent, and passionate women of the world.  

A contemporary global luxury brand, Akaada, is at the pinnacle of producing high-quality products for every occasion. Tracing its roots to the fashion world of Europe, Akaada believes in opening new doors of femininity for the modern woman. The renowned designers and artisans at Akaada have an eye for detailing and individualist designs.

Akaada believes in empowering every woman to have an open-minded, self-expressive, and confident personality. The products labeled ‘Akaada’ are made while keeping the needs of every woman in mind. The working woman, the traveling enthusiast, the most adventurous, or the fashionably social, Akaada has a pair for everyone. The luxury brand has shoes for every cosmopolitan woman. 

Having a true sense of glamour, comfort, fashion, and sophistication, Akaada helps women embrace their individuality with its fashion-forward, creative, and unique designs. Choose Akaada and always surpass your fashion boundaries.

Akaada shoes